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March 2009 enclosure-voice

Larry Nelson - w3w3 TV “Colorado Rising”
Live Weekly TV show
Every Monday
From 2:00 - 3:00pm

632_ Colorado Rising (w3w3 Tv) is mobilizing organizations in Colorado to support businesses, government and education for the good of all. We also want to ensure prosperity and smart growth, while protecting Colorado's uniquely special way of life…this is our opportunity.Colorado Rising New - w3w3® TV Launch 2/16/09
If you have Skype you can call or video in...

Colorado Rising Monday, March 23, 2009
2:00 Ryan McIntyre, Jason Mendelson, Foundry Group
2:15 Seth Levine, Foundry Group
2:30 Chris Wand, Foundry Group
2:45 Pat Engstrom, Knowledge Factor

Colorado Rising Monday, March 16, 2009
2:00 Sue Kunz & Christopher Reim, Ambio Resources
2:15 Stephanie S McCoy, Meritage Funds; & Sue Wyman, CTP
2:30 Brent Peterson, EKS&H & Rockies Venture Club
2:45 Jim Franklin –Thoughts on Uncertainty Management Blog

Colorado Rising Monday, March 9, 2009
2:00 Brian Schwartz – Author 50 Interviews
2:15 Sue Wyman – Jivaro Group & CTP
(Communications Tech Pros)
2:30 Don McCubbrey Daniels at DU & Global Text
2:45 Jason Haislmaier – Holme Roberts & Owen

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Keywords: Holme Roberts & Owen, Jason Haislmaier, Sue Wyman, Jivaro Group, CTP, Daniels Achool of Business, Denver University, Global Text, Brian Schwartz, Jock Mirow, Broadband Video, Colorado Rising, Web TV,Entrepreneurs, Economy Builders, Interactive Business TV Show Channels, CO.Rising > Channel:ColoradoRising 3/9/09 - Show ARCHIVES

640_ “We're on the verge of entering the Exponential Economy".
Jack Uldrich, Author, Jump the Curve enclosure-voice Jack Uldrich's understanding of nanotechnology has brought him into emerging technologies and in a sense what he is a "Business Technology Forecaster". Jack says, "I don't predict the future but explain a range of possibilities and highlight the broad trends that are pulsating through society and definitely going to impact business." Larry Nelson, w3w3® interviewed the ACG Denver Corporate Growth Conference Keynote Speaker earlier this month. He asked Jack about the economy and how he saw the technological forces changing or impacting the future. The long term economy... Jack is really optimistic, he believes we are entering the 'exponential economy'. He goes on to talk about the nine technological forces growing exponentially (doubling every 6 to 24 months), "These forces are going to break thru, they're going to transform business and they're going to create new business. No doubt we are in a crisis right now and it is easy to focus on the danger, but if we focus on these forces you will see the opportunity and that's what good executives need to do". In the Near Term material sciences... nanotechnology is creating immense opportunities in the manufacturing sector; Mid Term, Jack is really bullish on the energy sector, solar, wind, cellulosic ethanol. and the big trend is in healthcare. "The future is going to be diagnosing disease and preventing them before they take root. There are lots of exciting things coming down the pike". Uldrich, a former naval intelligence officer and Defence Department official, he also served as the Director of the Minnesota Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning.
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Dr. Heide L. Ford Dr. Rui Zaho 641_ New Inventors of the Year
(UC Denver) share successes and challenges

enclosure-voice New Inventors of the Year (UC Denver) - Dr. Heide Ford (Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, joint Appointment in Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics,) and Dr. Rui Zhao (Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics) discuss, “Research examining how genes involved in normal development may later be hijacked in tumor formation leading to novel methods of detecting and treating tumors." They went onto point out, "What we're hoping is a big benefit, is this complex of molecules (critical developmental regulators - really important during embryo genesis but not expressed in most adult tissues...So, the idea is if we could target them with anti-cancer therapy, we could target the cancer without inhibiting or targeting normal cells. That sort of cancer therapy is badly needed - many of the therapies available today actually target the normal cells too. That's why people get terrible side effects. So we're hoping to develop drugs that will eliminate or at least reduce the side effects significantly while inhibiting the cancer. Larry asked them, "How was it working with David Allen & the CU TTO team?" They said, "It has been great, a really big help getting us going on the patent work and getting us excited about the commercial prospects and the things we could do with it from a more directed development standpoint. Heide and Rui pointed out a challenge, "Money supporting the work to this point has been from government grants. However, the last several years have been very difficult to get grants. This is obviously important work that will benefit a large portion of breast cancer patients (and many other cancers) so we are hopeful that we will have the funding to do that work. They also offered some great advice for professors and researchers.
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Kevin Custer, Autism Pro 630_ CEO of five companies, two went public, shares some insights
enclosure-voice"We’ve found when times are challenging you need to be out there with your clients – not sitting in your office," says Kevin Custer, CEO Autism Pro and partner in a private equity firm, Arc Capital Development. He is also very involved with annual Rocky Mountain ACG Conference which is coming up on March 11-12th. Kevin’s advice is summed up as, "1.) Go out and be with your customers. 2.) You’ve got to get connected to the people who are going to help you grow your business. And, 3.) Connect with your community and find a way to give back. This has a great return on investment. You need to sit down with them and have a good feeling for their issues and where their opportunities are, the pain they’re feeling and the opportunities that are opening up because of the changing times for them. We spend, as a CEO, literally 20 to 25% of our time, out face-to-face, one-on-one with our customers and 20% of our time more in group settings with customers. Especially during challenging times, people want to work with other people – not companies, but other people. They want to know that you were there and you care for them." Kevin's third element is giving back to community, especially when times are challenging. Kevin has been been an instructor for the last 7 or 8 years at the National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park. "I teach a disabled ski program. Basically it’s an opportunity for a person in a wheelchair to go skiing". See More at Channel 4 link below.
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Dan Caruso, Communications Executive of the Year, Founder Zayo Group 625_ Dan Caruso named Communication Executive of the Year for 2008 for CTP Travis Mitchell, President, Communications Technology Professionals
enclosure-voice "A lot of people don’t realize how large of a telecommunications hub the Front Range really is. When you have Level 3, Time Warner Telecom, Qwest and now Zayo Group all within about 30 miles of each other, this creates a nice environment," said Dan Caruso, President and CEO of Zayo Group. He went onto say, "All of them are doing well and I think will continue to do well in this difficult economic environment. In fact, I think telecom in general will hold up pretty well in this recession." Travis Mitchell, President, Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) and Larry interviewed Dan to get his perspective of what entrepreneurs must do during these challenging times. He gave some very straight- forward advice. One point Dan brought up was, "Come to grips with the situation, be realistic in your thinking, manage conservatively and try your best not to need anyone’s money." In addition, they discussed the components of excellent leaders, what specifically must be done to thrive in the next two years, and key suggestions for startups. Listen for more insights...
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Ann Winblad, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners 641_ Ann Winblad, ...one of the foremost experts on navigating Silicon Valley
enclosure-voice Lucy Sanders, NCWIT along with Larry Nelson, w3w3®.com spoke with Ann Winblad, co-founder and a Managing Director of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. When Ann Winblad got started in the software industry she was based in Minneapolis, "It's a very entrepreneurial state, but there's not density in one entrepreneurial area - there's a little bit of software, a little media, a little of medical devices". Lucy, asked about Silicon Valley reputation. Ann said, "The Silicon Valley is still like Mesopotamia. It is said innovation is happening everywhere, and it is. Looking at the numbers, in 2008 there were about 1400 deals done outside of the US (Europe, Israel, China, India) about $13.4 Billion; compared to the US with about 2600 deals and about $29 billion invested. But relative to Silicon Valley, over 30% was invested in companies in the Bay area". The contemporary software industry started back in the late 1970s, Ann started her software company in Minneapolis in 1976, the same year that Microsoft started, within the next year Apple started and within two years Oracle started. There was enough of an infrastructure in Silicon Valley from the birth of the semi-conductor industry, and then we started to get these real anchor tenants, and so a high density of young companies..." Well, you can see, there is a wealth of information in this single interview with a woman who was and is part of the creation of the history and the future in Silicon Valley, your tour guide, today.
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640_ Obviously the growth in GPS, satellite & HD satellite TV figure highly here
Lon Levin, Sky7 Ventures enclosure-voice The National Space Symposium is the premiere annual gathering of the entire global space community. It brings together all the different sectors, civil, commercial, security, entrepreneurs, finance - it is extraordinary all of the different sectors that come together. And over all these years it remains the premiere event. Over the last five years attendance has grown 16%, exhibits have grown 40%, in these difficult times this is a testament to an extraordinary event. Larry interviewed Lon Levin, a featured speaker at the National Space Symposium being held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs 3/30 - 4/2/09. Lon is an entrepreneur and executive with over 20 years experience in the space, new media, and telecommunications industries. He is the cofounder of XM Satellite Radio and also played an integral role in the formation and development of several mobile satellite companies including Mobile Satellite Ventures, Terrestar, and American Mobile Satellite Corporation. Before his corporate career, Levin was a partner in the law firm Gurman, Kurtis, Blask & Freedman, where he specialized in satellite, space, media, and wireless matters. Levin serves on the board of directors of the Space Foundation. Levin was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2002. Lon shared some statistics and insights with a broad view of the Space industry. "Space is now about 70% commercial, that we’ve had an emergence of private launch and private space travel capabilities. Global space economy has grown from about $180B to $257B. Satellites in orbit have grown from 582 active satellites to about 905 (443 US) operational satellites circling Earth." He also talked about the expanding international roles including China, India, Iran, etc...listen, there's more...
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Dick Hinson, Aurora EDC + 25th National 
                        Space Symposium
Colorado, number two nationally in Space employment! One-third in Aurora...
634_ enclosure-voice The 25th National Space Symposium is where space industry executives, their colleagues and customers will launch The Next Space Age -- in just four days, in just one place. What does that mean to Colorado? That’s what w3w3® asked Dick Hinson, Senior Vice President of the Aurora Economic Development Council. Dick said “For Colorado Aerospace is related to satellites, space exploration, space research. A lot of the activities that occur in Colorado are related to earth surveillance, communication through satellites, space imaging space exploration, working on the ‘Constellation Project’ which is successor vehicle to the space shuttle. We have a large civilian and military presence here related to space – It’s a very exciting time to be associated with the aerospace industry. I mean, everything is going up into the sky… people every day put their card into a machine and few realize that satellites are patrolling that financial transaction, we have direct TV, a lot of communications going on thru satellites and it is very important that we protect those satellites that we don’t allow someone to disrupt them whether it’s by purpose or accident. So the military presence in space to protect the assets that we have and to make sure the United States is safe from foreign aggression is critical – it’s what the military now calls the ‘high ground’, and Colorado is at the center of that sort of work.”
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Carol Realini, Founder, Obopay 633_ Realini named one of 50 Top Women in Technology by Corporate Board Member
enclosure-voice In 2005 Carol Realini founded Obopay after traveling in Africa and recognizing that while mobile phones were ubiquitous, many people didn’t have access to even the most basic banking services. Recognizing the need and opportunity in both industrialized and developing nations, Carol designed Obopay’s business model to promote social and economic development throughout the world, by providing mobile savings, money transfer, and payments to people everywhere. In 2008, Carol was named one of the 50 Top Women in Technology by Corporate Board Member magazine. If you’ve not heard of Obopay, here’s a quick rundown; Obopay is simple, convenient, instant, secure, easy-to-use and available to everyone, working on any mobile phone with any carrier. Obopay does not run credit checks and transfers money in seconds. Obopay customers can use their existing bank accounts—at any American bank—to send and receive money via their mobile phone. Users send and receive money through mobile application, text message (SMS), mobile Web browser, secure Web site, widget or AOL Instant Messenger. Anyone can pick up money received by having it deposited directly into their existing bank account or by requesting a check, without having to sign up with Obopay. Obopay takes the time and hassle out of costly wire transfers, and lets businesses, banks and carriers connect with and deliver real value to America’s 200 million mobile consumers. Listen to Carol in her own words.
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631_ Jazzercise is in 50 states, 32 countries and is still growing
Judi Sheppard Missett, Founder & CEO, 
                Jazzerciseenclosure-voice The opening keynote speaker for the annual Rocky Mountain ACG Conference is Judi Sheppard Missett, founder of Jazzercise. It's all business, fun and healthy. Jazzercise, is the world’s largest dance fitness program. Larry asked what this 40 year old company does to remain successful and continue to grow worldwide. Judi replied, "I think it’s about innovation, it’s about reinvention, it’s about ingenuity and I think it speaks to the excellence of the program. I’m really, really proud of the company, of the program, we’re always on the cutting edge, we’re always leading the pack and I think that’s an important reason behind why we have been around so long, and I hope will be around for many, many years to come. The program is always changing; the variety of things that are fun for our customers to do and it’s a form of really helping them with their health and its 60 minutes of fun and entertainment." Judi also talked about the Jazzercise franchise business model. "Most of our franchises are instructor owned, but we do have a business only franchise where the owner staffs his studio with Jazzercise Associates (instructors) to teach for them within their facilities. Most of them come from within our classes where they’ve experienced the fun and joy of Jazzercise." Judi finished with specific advice on what companies must do in these challenging times...this included being principled, ethics at the base, have a passion...and there's more.
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Larry Nelson - w3w3 TV “Colorado Rising”
Live Weekly TV show
Every Monday
From 2:00 - 3:00pm

628_ It’s all over the news. Everyone knows the bleak economic forecasts. We’re not naïve. Colorado Rising is here. A new media interactive TV show, we’re focused on our strengths and what we can all do together to demonstrate success. LIVE Broadcast.... Click here to watch and listen online W3W3 LIve Webcast. If you have Skype you can call or video in... Past w3w3® TV Shows - Click Here for Archives

Colorado Rising Monday, March 2, 2009
2:00 pm Tom & Deb Frey - Twitter
(DaVinci Institute)
2:15 pm Steve Baker - Ethics (Serial Entrepreneur)
2:30 pm Rina Delmonico - ColoFIRST (Ren Consulting)
2:45 pm Lisa Niederman - Teams & Leadership (Performance Velocity)

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629_ Going global necessitates a comprehensive arbitration clause
Josefa Sicard-Mirabal, Director Arbitration & ADR, N America, Int'l Court of ArbitrationDavid B. Wilson, Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen LLPenclosure-voice International arbitration is private dispute resolution that the parties agree that they are going to submit their disputes by contract to one or more arbitrators to resolve the dispute. The advantage to arbitration internationally is that the United States is not a party to any treaty with anybody, not even Canada, which would make our court judgments enforceable abroad. For that reason international arbitration is crucial. “International Arbitration is crucial for business today!” David Wilson, Holme Roberts & Owen partner with guest Josefa Sicard-Mirabal, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Josefa went onto explain, "There is no international commercial court of compulsory jurisdiction that would allow us to go to it to resolve our disputes. So, international arbitration comes to level the playing field. You don’t go to anyone’s specific court, but you create a private court where you select the arbitrators, and under certain rules of arbitration, you run the process. ICC advises that from the beginning, you insert an arbitration clause." Listen for specific insights...
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February 2009 enclosure-voice

626_ Tech Transfer is going well at the University of Colorado
Dr. Richard Noble, Inventor of the Year, CU at Boulder enclosure-voice Dr. Richard Noble was awarded, Inventor of the Year, CU Boulder. He said, "The statement for the award actually involved three separate activities that we’ve done and are moving towards commercialization. With Carl Koval in Chemistry, we’ve developed an electro/chemical pump, this is a pump that has no moving parts, and it can be used to very carefully meter fluids and it’s been licensed to a company in Arkansas that’s looking at it for biological applications, related to giving people very specific doses of drugs as well as analytical chemical testing." Dr. Noble described other projects, "Something very different, we’re working with Shell on zyolite membranes to remove carbon dioxide from natural gas. About 1/3 of all natural gas fields are contaminated with carbon dioxide that you have to remove for a couple of reasons. The 3rd technology we’re working on is called ionic liquid (a salt that happens to be liquid at room temperature). He said, "The Tech Transfer Office here has done some very unique and smart things to help. They’ve started a seed grant program. If they identify a technology they feel needs a little additional work, they provide some seed grants. Our electro chemical pump received one of these seed grants and got the additional data that allowed us to license it."
Related Links: CU Tech Transfer Office || CU TTO Channel || Chemical and Biological Engineering || CU TTO Award Photos || Keywords: Dr. Richard Noble, University of Colorado, Inventor of the Year CU-Boulder, Carl Koval, Kristi Anseth, Chemical and Biological Engineering > Channel: CUTTO Bytes=9414847 - 2/23/09 LISTEN

Brad Feld, 
                Phil Weiser One-on-One Series

616_ Feld on Finance @ CU Wolf Law Building - Part 1 of 4
enclosure-voice Readers of Brad's blog already appreciate that his insights and wit are not to be missed. Over the next year, Phil Weiser, Professor of Law and Exec. Director of Silicon Flatirons, will interview local venture capitalist Brad Feld. Their first interview focused on the basic questions around the state of corporate finance and what it means for start-ups, evaluating the role of angel financing, venture capital, private equity as well as the public debt and equity markets. This discussion touched on whether venture capital is now in trouble, whether the private equity model can come back from its bust (which Brad predicted), whether Wall Street's model of financial engineering was corrupt and unsustainable and when the current credit crisis will end. We encourage you to follow this four part series, Feld on Finance. Listen now to part 1 of this 4 part Series with Phil Weiser and Brad Feld... We'll add a section each week.
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One-on-One Part 2 of 4
The good news and the other news about angel investors
Bytes: 14675699:

Brad Feld and Phil Weiser Go One-on-One: Feld on Finance (Part 3) Institutional Investors, Venture Capital Fund, Lessons Learned and Outcomes
One-on-One Part 3 of 4 -
Bytes: 15654977 >>> LISTEN
             continues Part 2 of 4

“ Brad Feld and Phil Weiser Go One-on-One: Feld on Finance
Brad Feld explains what he means by 'convertible preferred equity’

Part 4 of 4 - Bytes: 15654977 >>> LISTEN
One-on-One continues Part 4 of 4:

Colorado Rising New - w3w3® TV Launch 2/16/09 620_ “Colorado Rising” Live Weekly TV show
Every Monday
From 2:00 - 3:00pm

Click here to watch and listen.... Participate via Chat (on the player)... You can Skype in (voice and/or video) Here's our Skype address: w3w3tv.

2:00 pm André Pettigrew (Exec. Dir. City of Denver OED) Sustainability and going green;
2:15 pm Su Hawk (Pres.of CSIA) with BobOgden (Founder of Swift Page) Associations and community support;
2:30 pm Russ Farmer (Pres. of PBC and SBIR Grant specialist) Securing federal grants - high-tech
2:45 pm Chris Pelley (Man. Dir. of CIMCO Group) Branding, Marketing and Networking

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Colorado Rising Launch
Live, Interactive Web TV - Monday 2/16/09 - 2-3:00 PM - Please Join Us!

Colorado Rising New - w3w3® 
                TV Launch 2/16/09 615_ Live interactive business TV show is coming your way: Colorado Rising
enclosure-voice Broadband Video LogoAlthough w3w3.com has done a number of things in the past with Broadband Video (BBV), we just recently discovered some new things they're doing. It seemed as though their new plans fit in perfectly with some of the game plans w3w3.com was working on for the past number of months (isn't networking fun?). So Pat and Larry got together with Jock Mirow, co-founder of BBV and and discussed some new possibilities. Jock said, "Over the holidays I had sort of a “vision” if you will." We worked out a win/win deal. "We just started talking about Colorado Rising and I know everyone here at BroadbandVideo is excited about putting it together. The way this technology reaches out to people is completely unique. We’ll be able to have a live, streaming video show, a live show, where people will be able to interact with you on the air. And, they’ll do it through a couple of different ways. We have a whole Chat Session that’s on the side of the player so people can chat. But the real powerhouse stuff, if you really want to get involved in this, you can actually put a cam on your computer and go into Skype. You’ll be able to go into Skype for Free Internet phone service, and video phone service, and be able to join in the show in a video mode. That’s right, I’m talking about a split screen with Larry Nelson on one side and whoever else calls in on the other side, talking about business, talking about Colorado Rising. We’re really excited about the people you’ll be bringing in. It’s a great opportunity for venture capitalists, Colorado businesses, and those in the know in telecom in Denver, to come in and be a part of this new online video explosion. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to see what we consider the absolute cutting edge in terms of streaming video and audience interaction." Listen for more details...
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Christopher Pelley, CIMCo 618_ Investments and savings today require knowledgeable and trusted advisors
enclosure-voice Do you need to make sure your investments, savings and overall financial security is on the right track? Larry interviewed Christopher Pelley, CEO and Managing Director of Capital Investment Management Company (CIMCO), registered investment advisors (RIAs). Larry and Chris discussed Questions you should ask every Investment Advisor. Chris said to, "Ask your investment advisor if they can help you with the following." 1.Assess your investment accumulation or income needs (future cash flow analysis). 2.Identify your true tolerance for risk. Until investors suffer big losses, people tend to believe they’re more risk-tolerant than they really are. How many quarters of negative returns can you realistically handle? 3.Employ both fundamental analysis (what to buy) and technical analysis (when to buy and when to sell). THIS IS A CRITICAL DECISION! 4.Make tactical shifts in your asset allocation when warranted by changing economic conditions (i.e. what should you do with bonds when interest rates rise?) 5.Decide when to fire a fund manager. 6.Monitor the entire investment process on a monthly basis. 7.Keep your emotions in check during turbulent times. 8.Does the advisor have a strong academic background with the actual experience of having been through several market cycles? 9.What about continuity? If your advisor decides to retire, who is in place to support your long-term goals? 10. Finally, how does your advisor get paid? (i.e. annual management fees and/or hourly consultation fees). Chris is on the ACG - Association for Corporate Growth board. There's more, listen now...
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614_ Entrepreneurs - Make Your Venture Mighty! "Rules for Renegades"
Christine Comaford, author "Rules for Renegades"enclosure-voice "What’s a renegade?" asked Larry. Christine Comaford, founder of Mighty Ventures and author of 'Rules for Renegades' replied, "A renegade is a person with an exceptional degree or passion and commitment. A renegade is someone who wants to achieve great things without sacrificing their personal life. A renegade knows they have a mighty core and wants to live according to it." Larry asked Christine if she would share her 10 Rules for Renegades. You need to listen for the details, but here is a listing. Rule 1.) Everything’s an Illusion, So Pick One That’s Empowering  Rule 2.) An MBA is Optional, A GSD (Gets Stuff Done) is Essential  Rule 3.): Problems + Pain = Profit  Rule 4.) Build Power Instead of Borrowing It  Rule 5.) Rock Rejection and Finesse Failure  Rule 6.) Learn to Love Networking  Rule 7.) Only You Can Lead Your Life  Rule 8.) Work Your Money Mojo Rule 9.) Resign as General Manager of the Universe  Rule 10.) Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There.   - In each case, Christine defines each rule and gives some specific tips for implementing them. Larry asked, "Who is the book for?" Christine replied,"• Entrepreneurs with their own companies, or within someone else’s • People who want to be entrepreneurs: moms or anyone returning to the workforce, kids fresh from college, people who want to be more entrepreneurial in their lives and businesses • People who want to recruit and retain entrepreneurs. She is the keynote speaker at a special event in Ft. Collins on 2/4/09 - Beet Street presents Thought Leaders: Christine Comaford. It bound to be a great program...listen now...
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627_ PROJECT C.U.R.E. has over 12,000 volunteers all making a difference
Dr. Douglas Jackson, President, Project CUREenclosure-voice PROJECT C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief & Equipment) was founded in 1987 to help meet the need for medical supplies, equipment and services around the world. Since its inception, PROJECT C.U.R.E. has delivered medical relief to needy people in over 120 countries. Larry and Pat interviewed Douglas Jackson, President and CEO of Project C.U.R.E. about their progress and how they are impacting so many lives. Addressing the history Doug said, "We got started 22-23 years ago, quite unintentionally. Doug’s father Dr. James Jackson was doing economic consulting in the 3rd world – Zimbabwe, Peru, Ecuador and finally Brazil where he saw a clinic, a beat-up, ramshackle cabin thing, in the middle of a town of 300,000 people – and there weren’t any medical supplies and Larry Nelson with Doug Jackson at Project C.U.R.E. headquarters in Denver, Coloradono real equipment. So, my pop decided that day that he would do something to change that situation." Doug went on, "There are a number of ways to be involved with Project CURE. You can donate medical equipment if you have some, crutches, and walkers that you needed temporarily. We figure it costs us about $25 to deliver a box of medical supplies or equipment anywhere in the world. The value of what’s in that big old box is about $500. So for every $25 in, we can put $500 overseas." Listen to this...we can all make difference...
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Dan Caruso, Communications Executive of the Year, Founder Zayo Group 625_ Dan Caruso named Communication Executive of the Year for 2008 for CTP Travis Mitchell, President, Communications Technology Professionals
enclosure-voice "A lot of people don’t realize how large of a telecommunications hub the Front Range really is. When you have Level 3, Time Warner Telecom, Qwest and now Zayo Group all within about 30 miles of each other, this creates a nice environment," said Dan Caruso, President and CEO of Zayo Group. He went onto say, "All of them are doing well and I think will continue to do well in this difficult economic environment. In fact, I think telecom in general will hold up pretty well in this recession." Travis Mitchell, President, Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) and Larry interviewed Dan to get his perspective of what entrepreneurs must do during these challenging times. He gave some very straight- forward advice. One point Dan brought up was, "Come to grips with the situation, be realistic in your thinking, manage conservatively and try your best not to need anyone’s money." In addition, they discussed the components of excellent leaders, what specifically must be done to thrive in the next two years, and key suggestions for startups. Listen for more insights...
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621_ Sustainability, Opportunities, and Summit Lead to Business Successes
Paul Jerde, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship - CU Boulderenclosure-voice "We wanted to bring students into this. We’ve had a lot of challenges which are creating opportunities, and businesses will address these issues. But fundamentally many of the solutions that are going to drive here are going to come from our future leaders and that’s the student talent that we’re educating today," said Paul Jerde when interviewed by Larry. Paul is the Executive Director of the Robert H. and Beverly A. Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado at Boulder. They discussed the Sustainable Opportunity Summit (SOS) and the 'Clean Tech Venture Challenge'. "When we first started the SOS, we would throw out the word sustainability and had to be prepared either to defend it, define it or some combination thereof of. I think the success of this conference has been our relentless attention to the word 'opportunity'. When we thought of the whole idea four years ago, we began thinking there was an awful lot of confusion around sustainability. Listen for much more...
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622_ ASHOKA Fellow of the year and the Colorado connection
Steve Werner, David Kuria and Larry Nelson Sustainable Water and Sanitation Project in Kenyaenclosure-voice Larry sat down with David Kuria from Nairobi, Kenya and Steve Werner, an independent consultant and active member of the Rotary Club of Denver Southeast who has worked in international development for 25 years. David is the Chief Executive officer of Ecotact Limited, an environmental development company incorporated in Kenya. He is the Ashoka Fellow of the Year for his project. David Kuria from Nairobi, Kenya, is an expert on water issues in Kenya but he is also in demand around the world because he is taking a new approach to addressing water problems by addressing the sustainability issue. Sustainability usually comes down to whether there is ongoing funding in order to keep your enterprise going, whether it’s water and sanitation or some other problem. Steve said, "The issues that David and I have been concerned about are the issues around a growing population in urban areas and all the sanitation and water problems that come with that." David pointed out, "Ikotoilet looks at transformation, restoration and sustainability of social dignity in our ever growing urban population. Our value proposition rests on providing public conveniences that ensure consistency, cleanliness and conservation." Listen fo the specifics...
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Jay Gershen, Vice Chancellor External Affairs, CU Denver 623_ Anschutz Medical Campus and the Fitzsimons Life Sciences District Challenges
enclosure-voice Previously Larry interviewed Jay Gershen, Vice Chancellor for External Affairs, University of Colorado Denver to get an update on the Anschutz Medical Campus and the Fitzsimons Life Sciences District. In this interview Dr. Gershen shead some light on the challenges them. The good news is the 60,000 projected jobs over the next 15 years. Jay went onto explain, "One of the challenges we’re having is access to the campus. Today as we talk there are 22,500 people a day that come on the site, 17,000 are employees. We have some challenges because that is going to grow over the next 15 years or so to about 60,000 people on the site. One of the challenges is access to the freeway and second is light rail. With regard to the freeway, the ramp at Colfax and I-225 was built to hold 4,000 cars a day. So, you can see even without full expansion we have only 1/5th of what we need today and traffic is pretty challenging." With the projected positive economic development and job creation he said, "We like to say medical research is good for your health and it’s also good for the health of the economy.” There's more...
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617_ Hope for the best, plan for the worst, but prepare for uncertainty
Dave Mead, Mead Consulting Group & Chairman, ACG-Denverenclosure-voice “Be prepared to execute your tail off in these uncertain times," said David Mead, President, Mead Consulting Group, Chairman of ACG-Denver during an interview with Larry. This is similar to post 9/11, everything was so uncertain in 2001 – the global economy and the effects of terrorism. Today we are uncertain about the banking system, other global economies and how it’s going to impact each and every business. So we advise companies to look at how the next 2 to 3 years can pan out and then rehearse how you would take actions to meeting those. An example, in the 70s Shell Oil made scenario planning popular. They took a scenario, ‘What if oil prices got to $10 a barrel?’. At the time everyone said oil would never go to $10… but they said, well what would we do if..? (Larry was consulting to and training for Shell Oil at that time and using the model he writes about in 'Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos' which helped Shell prepare for the future changes. Today Larry looks at the ground swells all around us.) Well in fact oil went to $8 in the 80’s and you had mass layoffs, the end of exploration for many companies, companies were in a tizzy. Shell Oil had rehearsed oil price increasing to $10 per barrel and they methodically bought properties at discount prices and changed the competitive balance in the oil and gas business for a generation. The most common mistake is to look at this and listen to the economists and say that the economy is going to hit bottom in 2009 and therefore we don’t have to take really strong actions...there's much more...
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619_ Twitter and the growing of business users and 'older folks'
Deb Frey, DaVinci Institute enclosure-voice Tom Frey, DaVinci InstituteSocial networking has gone mainstream. Larry sat down with Tom and Deb Frey of DaVinci Institute to discuss this phenomena. Tom is a well-known futurist and Deb is a 'Renaissance Women' and vice president of DaVinci. Deb is really into Twitter and one of the leading instructors on Twitter. It started with Tom following all the people talking about the iPhone, and he said I should follow this to get a feel for how it worked. Some of it was really funny, and I could watch all the dialog that was going on around the iPhone. After that, I just got hooked. I realized it was a great way to find out what was going on in the world in real time as opposed to waiting for the evening news or whatever. It was quite fascinating to watch the whole event unfold. Ever since then, like the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, since we were in Mumbai last year and we were supposed to stay in that hotel, that had a special draw to us. You only get 140 characters or less on Twitter. It is a cleaner form of communication. So it’s short bursts of information." Deb went on, "The younger people seem to enjoy MySpace more. I don’t use FaceBook as a business tool, but more for family relations. The nice thing about Twitter is it does update into FaceBook so I don’t have to type twice. Linked in tends to be more of a passive type of operation where nothing happens unless you initiate it." There's more...
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612_ Building a company while building a bridge to the future
enclosure-voice Dr. Thomas Frey and Deb Frey, DaVinci Institute This is no surprise. Most startups face a great number of challenges. Some make it...most don't. Larry sat down with Tom and Deb Frey they talked about the past, present and future of the DaVinci Institute. This is an entrepreneurial story with a number of lessons. Tom is a world-renown 'futurist' and gives persentations about the future in many countries...from Canada, to Dubai to Spain to Mexico. Tom went onto explain, "Any startup has its rough times up front and certainly the DaVinci Institute was no exception. We changed our business model several times trying to determine what we were good at and what made sense. So it wasn’t until 2002 when we started doing events, and that’s when Deb started helping and things started coming together and made more sense. We were looking to do more of an online type business and then the dot com world started falling apart, and we had to rework our business plan at that point. But with the events we're doing now, we’re trying to create events around things that seem to be of interest at that time – hot technologies, new styles of doing business, whatever seems to be of interest to our members in the region. We try to stick with those types of events. Deb said, "I’m on Twitter all the time and we do a lot of marketing on there letting people know about the events that are coming up and I post the link back so they know where and how to find us. I think that has a lot to do with it. I have a very large following there and I think it helps because people are becoming aware of who we are and where we are. We’ve also noticed a trend with people getting laid off. You know it’s pretty bleak when you don’t know what you’re going to do next and I think they may want to start their own business." There's more...
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613_ Career development and career enhancement for 2009
Leslie Jones, President, Jones Associates Inc.enclosure-voice We’re seeing some staggering reports of job losses and predictions of a prolonged recession. On top of that every market is changing radically. It is said that we are training people for jobs that don’t exist yet. How does one navigate these choppy waters? We asked our own Kari Nelson to check into coaching. What is it, who is it for? Selecting Jones Associates, Inc., a local coaching firm with eleven years in the business, Kari invited Leslie Jones, president and Dr. Martin Kettelhut to share their perspective and shed some light on the subject. Have you wondered what different services offer, from consulting to therapy? Is Dr. Martin Kettelhut, Jones Associates, Inc.coaching different? Dr. Kettelhut says, “The main differences really lie in the level and the kind of change that they facilitate for people. A consultant comes in and advises you on how to do something, install a computer system or merge companies. A therapist deals specifically with pathology deep in the psyche. But coaching is very different. We work with healthy individuals who are up for transformation, and the amount of transformation is completely up to you. To demonstrate the complete transformability of a human being, just imagine that you knew you were going to die in a month, or starting in one month your life is going to be the way it is now, in every way, for the rest of eternity… Now, what do you want to put closure on… what do you want to create in that month?” Leslie adds, “I think bottom line this is all very customized, that people get what they come to get and it is very different from person to person.” Related Links: Jones Associates || Success Stories || Keywords: Jones Associates, Coaching, Leslie Jones, Martin Kettelhut, Kari Nelson, career development > Channel:Success Bytes= 7122341 - 2/2/09 LISTEN

January 2009 enclosure-voice

Dr. Jay Gershen, Vice Chancello External Affairs, 
    CU-Dnver 611_ Fitzsimons Life Science District and the Anschutz Medical Campus
enclosure-voice The Fitzsimons Life Science District and the Anschutz Medical Campus, formerly the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, began its transformation in the mid-1990s. Larry followed up with Jay Gershen, Vice Chancellor for External Affairs, University of Colorado Denver to get an update on the Anschutz Medical Campus and the Fitzsimons Life Sciences District. The first time Larry interviewed Dr. Gershen, Jay was based out of the CU Health Sciences Center on 9th and Colorado the year was 2004. At that time Jay referred to Fitzsimons as, "Colorado's Crown Jewel". With all the challenging times, we thought it was time for a status report. "There was a base closure and that was Fitzsimons Medical Army Garrison, and the base was conveyed to the University of Colorado and to the City of Aurora in two parcels. One was a public benefit conveyance that went to the University, and the other was an economic benefit conveyance sold to the City of Aurora." Jay went onto explain, "The public benefit conveyance allowed all the land, buildings which were Army barracks and other medical facilities, to be given to the University with the understanding that CU would utilize that for research, education, and patient care and non-profit activities. The portion that was sold to the City of Aurora (was sold for $1.8 Million, with the first payment being due in 2012 (a real bargain). This is the largest medical development project in the country and contains the first comprehensive academic health center that is physically adjacent to a bio science research park, west of the Mississippi. Through the great generosity of the Phil Anschutz Foundation, we have received about $107 M from the foundation, for various projects on the site. The primary goal is to create a 21st Century Academic Health Center and one in which there would be a new design for the health center." Listen, there's more including challenges...
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610_ Fitzsimons Life Science District where inspiration becomes cure
Jill Farnham, Executie Director, Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authorityenclosure-voice Jill Farnham is currently the Executive Director for the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority (FRA), after serving for six years as the Authority’s Director of Finance and Business Operations. The FRA is a partnership of the City of Aurora and the University of Colorado and is responsible for overseeing the creation of the Fitzsimons Life Science District as a world class environment for life science companies. The FRA directs the commercial developments in the District, including the Colorado Science + Technology Park at Fitzsimons, along with its partner, Forest City Enterprises. It is an 184-acre business park dedicated to life science focused companies with 6 million square feet of proposed development in a sustainable urban environment. By 2013 the projected total jobs created throughout Colorado will be 44,505 long-term economic contributions o $1.4 billion in annual income and an annual economic output of $4.5 billion. Jill went onto say, "Despite challenging economic times we do have four projects that we expect to be moving forward in the next year. A hotel and conference center, a retail banking facility, a large office facility and of course our next bioscience building. we run a program called Fitzsimons Bio Business Partners. That’s or business development program, we have a seasoned bioscience business entrepreneur on staff, Dr. Michael Artinger, and he works with our tenants and prospective tenants to help advise them on how to get to the next stage of their evolution. Of that includes financing, and it includes introducing them to sources of management talent, and working together with a company to put together a presentation which will be presented before an advisory committee that includes venture capitalists and serial entrepreneurs, and experts in the field that the company may be in. Venture capital sources are very tight in this climate, we are recommending SBIR grants program as one of the best sources for funding and...
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Dina Kaplan, BLIP.TV 607_ Emmy Award winning reporter becomes founder of a tech company
enclosure-voice Blip.TV is a very interesting site and provides an infrastructure for the video blogging community and it's much more than that. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT founding board member, along with Larry Nelson continue with the NCWIT Hero Series and talked with Dina Kaplan, COO and one of five co-founders of BLIP.TV. Dina says, "We definitely consider ourselves a media company, and I think that’s very important. If you go back a few decades, NBC and CBS and all those broadcast networks that we now think of as media companies, back in their early days, they were considered technology companies. So I think we’ll see that same transition happen with the new media companies. It’s incredibly rewarding to be a new media company that’s not betting on hits and not banking on hits, and essentially having the authority to giving the ‘green light’ or the ‘red light’ to a project. So what BLIP is, is a very democratic network where anyone can upload a show and if it’s good the show will amass hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers and can also have the opportunity to make money as well. You’ll never have that kind of democratic platform with a traditional TV network because just by their nature they have to invest in hits and bank on that and hope that something is really huge, because there’s a limited amount of bandwidth over those airways. So part of the reason that I jumped over to the new media is that it met my values and my beliefs that anyone who is talented should have a chance to succeed. It shouldn’t be up to one programming chief, what gets the green light and what does not." There's more...
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606_ Your time and money: How to manage both for a better life
Christopher Pelley, Capital Imvestment Management 
                Company enclosure-voice Most people know that registered investment advisors (RIAs) help people with portfolio management, but they are also in a position to guide them about how best to invest their time. Ben Franklin said, "Time is money, but only the wise know how to spend it." An expert in both areas is Christopher Pelley, CEO and Managing Director of Capital Investment Management Company (CIMCO). In these challenging financial times issues are heightened. Chris said, "Whether it's retirement, better lifestyle, or security they are all driven by a combination of the interaction of four key variables. 1. Saving more money (but, now – paying down debt) 2. Spending less – more thrift 3. Investing for a better return (without getting killed) 4. Work or career – delaying retirement." In light of the current crisis, this may no longer be an option. Research suggests that 80% of Americans may never be able to fully retire. "So, developing networking skills is no longer a luxury," Said Chris. Larry asked him, "Why would an RIA feel the need to advise people about networking skills?" Chris replied, " First, we ultimately learn a great deal about our clients. We’re advising them about 'time and money.' Many people want to pursue a second career, or to find an 'encore' opportunity (a job with more meaning than money from age 60 to 90). We view this as a 'value add.' Frankly, the best RIA firm should do equally well with financial planning. Investment and portfolio advice from the more sophisticated advisors will be similar in many ways – but if we can broaden our client’s horizons about securing better career opportunities – again for themselves – or their kids, that’s a huge benefit. Listen for more great advice...
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603_ Receiving a $100,000 Grant from the US Government for Research
Krista Marks, Founder & CEO, Kerpoof for the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Toolbox Seriesenclosure-voice Every federal program with a large R&D budget has to use a percentage of their budget to fund small businesses with these SBIR Grants. That was the topic of discussion with Krista Marks, founder of Kerpoof. Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT founding board member, along with Larry Nelson continue with the NCWIT series the Entrepreneurial Toolbox Series. This is a new interview series designed to promote fundamental skills of entrepreneurship. The series interviews both men and women about a range of topics critical to entrepreneurial success, such as networking, how to procure funding, writing a business plan, raising money and the importance of failure. The series is sponsored by the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Alliance with support from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and Qualcomm. Krista said, " The NSF (National Science Foundation) has many different programs aimed at advancing the cause of research and science in the United States and even internationally in some cases. SBIR stands for small business innovation research, so to qualify for an SBIR Grant you have to be a small business (fewer than 500 employees), and the grant has to be used specifically for funding research. A phase one grant is $100K and this funds the first part of that research, typically a feasibility type of analysis. The SBIR Grant is not unique to the NSF. Every federal program with a large R&D budget has to use a percentage of their budget to fund small businesses with these SBIR Grants. At the time Kerpoof wanted to do research on delivering an activity, entirely in a browser that would introduce kids to basic programming constructs and to do that in a way that is as responsive as traditional software. So we submitted an SBIR proposal and received a SBIR Phase I grant for $100,000.00 to complete that research." Krista shares a number of 'must knows'.
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Channels:NCWIT Bytes: 15353023 - 1/12/09 LISTEN

601_ Denver takes a big ‘green’ bite!” says Mayor Hickenlooper
John Hickenlooper, Mayor Denver enclosure-voice "In today’s economy where there is so much fear, people are pulling their money out of stocks, out of their 401Ks, out of money markets and putting it under their mattress," said Mayor John Hickenlooper in his interview with Larry. The Mayor went on discussing other important topics including entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship Day proclamation, his outlook on the economy, and raising capital. He has the experience in all those areas. "Today, everyone is selling, trying to get their cash out to put under their mattress. You measure risk vs. reward, in times like this is where people can do very well. I would argue that in the next 18 months there will be more money made than in the following decade. People shouldn’t be hiding their money under the mattress; they should be looking for good, long term investments. You’re probably never going to find a better time to buy some of these blue chip stocks. It’s a great time for starting a business. You know, I started the Wynkoop in 1986- it took us two years, we didn’t open until 1988, but our rent for the first part of our lease was $1 per square foot per year, and that’s because the economy was in the toilet. There’s a huge opportunity for people to step back and say ‘things aren’t that bad and even as bad as they are, there are great opportunities now." Hickenlooper enjoyed sharing his 'Green Bite' views. Green Print Denver is trying to look at every single place that city government touches energy, consumption of resources, and how can we be more frugal. Kind of a throw back, you know my mom grew up in the Great Depression; she used to wash Saran Wrap and tin foil and tape it to the refrigerator door while it dried, so she could reuse it. That might be a little extreme but to a certain extent we’re moving back in that direction. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We have to do a lot of little things; just riding a bike is not going to do it." How about planting a million trees?
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Terry Morreale, Sr. Engineer, Applied Trust, 
                Producer, Women in Information Technology Channel on w3w3.com 599_ " My volunteer work helps me be a better consultant", says Lucy Vento
Lucy Vento, Computer Sciences Corp. and Volunter to Colorado Youth at Riskenclosure-voice Terry Morreale, senior engineer at Applied Trust and producer and director of the Women in IT Channel interviewed Lucy Vento about her two passions: her career at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and her work at Colorado Youth at Risk (CYAR). Lucy has 20 years of experience in the information technology industries. She is a Principal for CSC Consulting in the Supply Chain Management practice where she specializes in global logistics, inventory management and wireless enablement applications at a variety of client sites. Lucy has been involved with CYAR for five years. Lucy went onto explain, " It is a mentoring organization for teens at risk of dropping out of high school. We teach the adults, mentors and teens in the program a variety of listening and personal transformation tools that they can use to make better choices for their lives. I have been a mentor for 2 years, a group leader for 2 years and now I am a certified facilitator. I use the CYAR tools frequently in my consulting practice work. It’s been very cool how both seemingly different environments I have been so involved in have come together so elegantly for me especially in the last year. My work at Colorado Youth at Risk has taught me to become a better consultant." Lucy has always been very involved with the community. Lucy is the founding president of the Colorado RFID Alliance and was the 2001 President of the Denver Telecom Professionals (renamed to Communications Technology Professionals). She was an adjunct faculty member for four years at the University of Denver. Listen for some win/win ideas that will help you in your career as well as benefit the community.
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Channels: WiIT Bytes: 10572176 > 1.5.09 LISTEN

609_ A little knowledge is a dangerous thing - Part 2 of 2
Chris Pelley, Managing Director, CIMCoenclosure-voice Answers to six questions about "Your Time and Money – How to Manage Both for a Better Life" can be a literal life saver to business people. Larry asked five probing questions in part 2 of this interview with Christopher Pelley, CEO and Managing Director of Capital Investment Management Company (CIMCO), registered investment advisors (RIAs). The sixth question and discussion really brings it home. In these challenging times, this can make the difference. Chris recommends three critical steps to follow through on. Step One – Acquire More Knowledge. Chris said, "There are four books I would recommend: 1.“The Little Black Book of Connections” by Jeffrey Gitomer 2. "Love is a Killer App” by Tim Sanders 3.“Make Your Contacts Count” by Anne Baber and Lynn Wymon 4. "Encore" by Marc Freedman. If you know Chris, you know he is an avid reader and has many more books to recommend. Step Two for Chris is, "Join business organizations such as ACG - Association for Corporate Growth; TiE Rockies; NACD – National Association of Corporate Directors." There are a number of other great associations in Colorado that target specific disciplines." Chris said Step Three is, "Practice - Attend and practice the “breaking the ice” technique: F.O.R.M. (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message) People love to talk about themselves so ask about their family, occupation, recreation. What’s the “M?” Message – you’ve earned the right to tell your “brief” story. Whenever you meet people, ponder, “How can I help them with their career, children or charity?” Be discerning, look for alignment. Be aware of chemistry. If you’d like more information, it’s on the W3W3 web site. Yes, I would encourage anyone to be vigilant about seeking a next career opportunity. You may need to work much longer – but if you find something you love – it’s not work!" There's more...
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608_ Colorado Rising: Myth, Miracle or Mystery - What are your thoughts?

Politicians as well as the state and federal governments will either help or hinder during these challenging times. We really feel the people that will help us all turn the corner are the entrepreneurs and other leaders that will be steadfast in their values and goals. Many are focused on the tough times we are facing and the rough road ahead. Others are focused on what they can do to actually capitalize on today's happenings. A key word is, "Innovation" along with "Persistence". At w3w3.com we would like to add tColorado Rising: Entrepreneurs - Economy Buildershe words, "Community Support". In the next few weeks we are launching a new Channel, "Colorado Rising". We will be interviewing startups to seasoned professionals; supportive associations to critical service providers. But we need your input. What do you recommend for the "Colorado Rising" effort? Whether it's interviewing new innovative startups or getting sage advice from serial entrepreneurs or talking to experts that can help in building business in Colorado and a better economy. It's up to us not them. Please send us your ideas.
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605_ One of our goals is to help develop a more educated and competitive KidsTek leaders, Nancy Sauer, Richard Liner 
                and Andrew Blisslandworkforce
enclosure-voice There currently exists a gap between people who enjoy the benefits of technology and those whose lives could be significantly improved by it. The team at KidsTek is aggressively addressing that challenge. Nancy Sauer the Chairman, Richard Liner the Secretary (and co-founder) and Andrew Bissland the Program Coordinator of KidsTek shared a little history as well as the current progress and future plans. Despite having one of the most highly educated populations in the nation, Colorado has consistently underperformed in sending students who grow up here to college. This is known as the 'Colorado Paradox.' Richard said, "KidsTek was really founded in 2000 as an off-shoot of Colorado Software and Internet Technology Assoc. Work Force Committee, (which Rich was heading at the time). We’d always had a vision of providing a philanthropic arm for the association, so we founded KidsTek as a way for technology and other companies to give back to the community and help under privileged and underserved kids in the Denver metro area at first and then throughout Colorado eventually." Andrew explained, "Our outcome is measured in how many kids we’ve been able to reach. So, what we do is teach computing skills in really practical ways. We teach a project such as a family history that would involve Microsoft Word, would involve some Internet research, and maybe would have an output of a Power Point presentation or some sort of Publisher document. In this past year we have served over 1200 kids, and we have tripled the number of kids we reach just in the last three years alone. Nancy said, "We have a very scalable program which affords us to find an instructor, bring the curriculum, partner with an after school program or Boys/Girls Club and pretty quickly and attractively come in and launch a technology education initiative. There's much more. KidsTek Leadership Dinner is on 2/11/09 at Invesco Field at Mile High...Pat and Larry Nelson will be there... (Mark your calendar) you should too.
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604_ What advice would you offer to aspiring writers?
Kathleen Pelley, Author, Children's Books enclosure-voice It has been said that, “While our addictions diminish us, our passions enlarge us.” This interview will explore the myriad ways that a passion for stories can enlarge us, helping us to live life more gladly, compassionately, and creatively. Kathleen Pelley, author of 'Inventor McGregor' a children’s picture book which is on its way to be a best seller. Kathleen is a native of Scotland, where she was an elementary teacher for several years before moving to the States in 1990. She fell in love with stories at a very early age, before she could read or write, by listening to them on the BBC radio at the Children’s Story Hour. She has made numerous presentations to children in schools statewide, and in the D.C. area - (K – 12), and is a frequent speaker at Regis University for student teachers in the Children’s Literature Class, and she has also made presentations at the local chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Many people think that creativity really is the domain of artists, musicians, dancers, and writers. Kathleen addressed that and said, "No, we are all creative by birth. There are many ways we can stifle our creativity, by not indulging in our passions, by being caught up in a frenzy of busyness. Everyone can be creative – no matter what our job is, we all have the chance to create our day, to create more dreams and a better world." Kathleen shared advice for aspiring writers. 1. Read – the kind of books you want to write 2. Write lots of rough drafts 3. Be patient – very counter-cultural 4. There are two parts to writing 5. How we write matters (paper or computer 6. Writing is therapy for everyone. Kathleen covers all these points in detail during the interview. Listen now...
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602_ Prepare for rejection when raising money, follow with fortitude!
Roy Dimoff, Founder & CEO, 
                ViaWestenclosure-voice In this part 2 of 2, Profile of a Leader interview with Roy Dimoff, Chairman and CEO of ViaWest, Roy and Larry discuss raising money and venture capitalists; rejection; challenging your ego; fortitude; getting the right people; and many other points that entrepreneurs need to know. Roy's first company was a teleconferencing bridge in Canada and was presented with many opportunities. He is definitely a serial entrepreneur. Roy went onto say, "I like opportunity based entrepreneurs. You have to know what it’s like to write a business plan. If you have business people in your life who have been there, done that, then you should be attacking them as much as you can for their advice in terms of a business plan and how it should be written and presented. Then of course, starting out in your community, there are few things as challenging to your ego as raising money. You have to deal with that. You have to deal with rejection. But I tell you, if you have the fortitude, if you have the confidence, if you have the people around you that believe in you, that push you on, help you with the plan. You have to endure, make it happen. And there are days, even when I was funding ViaWest.. I mean here we had a successful line of companies behind us, but it wasn’t a good time to be raising money and we had a lot of rejection. You know, everything came together and we found the right people and we got the thing launched." He also gives some interesting advice about accountants and lawyers. Like all of the great leaders we have interviewed, a big driver for Roy is to help others be successful. Viawest is a leader in the business community.
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Larry Nelson profiles Roy Dimoff, CEO and President, ViaWest 600_ "The word for the next two years is prudency," says Roy Dimoff
enclosure-voice "Knowing what you don't know is as important as knowing what you do know," said Roy Dimoff, Chairman and CEO of ViaWest during a Profile of a Leader interview with Larry. Before getting into the history and learning lessons, Roy gives an overview of where Viawest is today, and what they plan on doing during these shaky economic times. "Growth rate north of 35% and now stands as the largest privately held data center and managed service company in the US, you know it’s really a tremendous opportunity to look at your systems, look at your processes, look at your efficiencies, look at the number of times you touch the customer and really try to streamline some things. Really take this as an opportunity to look at your business as a whole – now is a good time to look on everything we do and see if we can do it better, how we can be more efficient, how we can bring more to the bottom line. A lot of our competitors back in 99-2000, they had raised hundreds of millions of dollars and of course ViaWest total equity investment back then was like $34 million – and we were one of the few survivors. So, it’s been very interesting. A lot of the lessons we learned back then are very applicable today even though the industry is different and ViaWest is in a much different position. But the key is Larry; we are still the very prudent group that we were back in 2000 and refusing to take things for granted." Roy started his first entrepreneurial effort at age 25. Years before that he worked in the produce department at a Canadian grocery store. Then after a couple of successes as an entrepreneur he was involved in an IPO. It was there he learned that when an expert advisor says that strategy could be 'problematic' he should listen. So you listen, there's more...
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David Cohen, TechStars, Colorado Startups - NCWIT "Entrepreneur ToolBox" Series 598_ David Cohen says, "We invest a small amount of money in about 10 companies."
enclosure-voice Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT founding board member, along with Larry Nelson had a great conversation with David Cohen about the learning experiences of a new entrepreneur for the new NCWIT series, The Entrepreneurial Tool Box. David is a serial entrepreneur and investor in other startups with his company aptly named, Colorado Startups. David started 3 software companies here, two worked out pretty well, one didn’t. The first was a public safety software company started in ’93, still going in Broomfield, CO with a couple hundred employees now. The 2nd was a startup around mobile social networking – "We were a little early on that one." The 3rd was around music and RSS, we sold to a Silicon Valley company two years back. The subject of the 'Tool Box' interview is 'Business Planning Competitions. David gave an overview of TechStars and at the same time shared some insights every entrepreneur should listen to. "It is mentorship driven. We invest a small amount of money in about 10 companies that come to Boulder every summer for three months. We surround them with some of the best and brightest mentors and at the end of the summer they pitch their ideas to investors and hopefully keep going. We started with my own experiences and what I wished I had known back when starting my first company. The value of TechStars is the mentorship. The reason for that is because they are surrounded by expertise, people who’ve been there and done that, made those mistakes and had those successes and can really give them some critical feedback in a very compacted time frame. Then he detailed the quaities they are looking for. BTW, applications open January 19, 2009.
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